about Kompass Kapital

We invest in people. Period.


Our values are our Kompass.
And they’re what we believe above all else.

The Power of We

Our people, our team and our relationships come before all and we are called upon to serve and support one another in order to promote ethical and honest business practices for a greater good beyond economics.


Our greatest organizational asset. We respect the speed of trust by honoring our commitments, reconciling our missteps, and seeking first to understand before being understood.

Resource Respect

We operate in a T3 mentality – our time, talent and treasure are all equally valued and deployed with priority and purpose.


We balance the various lenses of perspective when reviewing topics and making strategic decisions. We maintain a stakeholder-centric approach in how we negotiate, structure and evaluate opportunities in order to deliver win-win results.


The knowledge and experience we gain each day make for a better version of who we will be and what is possible in an ever-changing world.

Executive Leadership

Congratulations to our very own Sarah Schiltz, recently named 2023 Kansas City Business Journal CFO of the Year Honoree.

We run on EOS.

All Kompass Kapital Management companies have adopted the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the world get what they want from their businesses. Implementing EOS continues to help our leadership teams and employees get better at three things:


Get everyone in our organizations on the same page with where we’re going and how we plan to get there.


Instill focus, discipline, and accountability throughout the company so that everyone executes on that vision – every day.


Help our leaders become a more cohesive, functional, healthy leadership team.

Meet the Team

We invest in people who create value and deliver results. Our team provides a range of business services to our operating companies that includes Corporate Affairs, Finance, Human Resources, Investments, Legal, Marketing, Operations, and Technology Services.


We've come a long way. And we're just getting started.

We’ve evolved. We’ve overcome challenges, we’ve paid attention to market shifts, diversified our investments, and we’ve seen our operating companies experience success and accelerated growth in a variety of industries. Largely because we make it a priority to hire and reward people who are extremely talented and understand our mission.

We aren’t the Kompass we were back in 2010. We’ve evolved; we’ve overcome challenges and learned from our mistakes. We’ve paid attention to market shifts and diversified our investments. We’ve seen our operating companies experience success and accelerated growth in a variety of industries. We’ve hired employees who are extremely talented and understand our mission.

It’s been a fun 10+ years. We’re looking forward to finding out what the next 10 will bring.  
Favorite Nurses founded

Gerhard Kuti founds Favorite Nurses, later becoming Favorite Healthcare Staffing, for emergency response, direct hire, travel nursing and allied health.

Touchnet established

Touchnet, a technology driven platform for colleges and universities is established.

Kompass Kapital Real Estate created

Kompass Kapital Real Estate is created, formerly Edelweiss Development. 

Kompass Kapital Holdings formed

Kompass Kapital Holdings formerly known as Kuti Family Investments is formed. 

Barley Investments established

Barley Investments, corporate and real estate investments company and the predecessor to KKM is formed.  

Bradley Berger joins team

KKM’s Managing Partner Bradley Berger joins Barley Investments. 

Passive Investment Portfolio build out

Build out of the passive investment portfolio. First iteration of Investment Policy and Execution.  

First large-scale sale of company

Operating company Touchnet is sold in the organization’s first large-scale sale.

KKM established

Kompass Kapital Management (KKM) is established under its current name and all investments are centralized into Kompass Kapital Holdings.   

Kompass Kapital Foundation formed

Kompass Kapital Foundation is formed, a philanthropic foundation supporting local and national charities through service and monetary donations.

Logistics company Flopath established

Flopath – a third-party provider of shipping and freight solutions (3PL) is established, later to become Dynamic Logistix.  

Global expansion

Formation of Kompass Kapital Global, expanding our investment profile on a global scale.  

First KKM business services offered

The first KKM shared business service platform with HR and Finance is offered to Flopath.   

Dial Properties
KKM engages in development of three senior living apartment communities.
Moonshot Innovations established

Moonshot Innovations, a managed IT service and solutions company is established to serve as a technology helpdesk for Favorite Healthcare Staffing.

Dynamic Logistix rebrand

Flopath rebrands as Dynamic Logistix, setting the stage for rapid growth of the company.

Krucial Staffing startup

Krucial Staffing, an emergency response nurse staffing company, is formed. 

Kompass Kapital Funding formed

Kompass Kapital Funding, a financial solutions partner helping growth-oriented companies improve their cash flow is formed. 

Kompass Kulinary established

KKM expands operations to Denver, establishing Kompass Kulinary, the parent company of four Denver-based restaurants Burnt Ends BBQ, Law’s Chophouse, Elevated Q, and YaYa’s Mediterranean Bistro. 

Colorado River Ranch acquisition

Colorado River Ranch, a regenerative ranch focused on improving planet health and raising premium wagyu cattle is acquired.  

NavMD added to KKM operating companies

Acquisition of NavMD, a health benefits analytics and solutions technology platform.  

Kompass Business Services expansion

Marketing, Legal and Corporate Affairs are added to the list of services provided to operating companies within the Kompass Business Services platform.

Wagyu feedlot established in Colorado

American Wagyu Feeders, a feed lot located in Olathe, Colo. is formed.  

Founders Home Service Group established

Founders Home Service Group, a company that invests in and acquires home service companies focused on plumbing, HVAC and electrical services.  

Kinikin Craft Butchers

Kinikin Craft Butchers, a custom butcher and processing shop in Montrose, Colo. is acquired.

KKM building wins Capstone Award

Kompass Kapital Plaza wins the Kansas City Business Journals Capstone Award for office space, significantly impacting environmental and human health by addressing carbon, energy, water, waste, transportation, materials and indoor environmental quality. 

Moonshot Solutions debuts

Moonshot Solutions, staffing and solutions is established.

Moonshot merge

Operating companies Moonshot Innovations and Moonshot Solutions merge to offer full-scale managed IT services and staffing solutions, keeping the name Moonshot Solutions. 

LightSpeed acquisition

Kompass Kapital acquires controlling stake in U.K.-based broadband provider LightSpeed, committing new capital to develop and expand the company's high speed fibre network and enhance their ISP platform.


Kompass Kapital has been a great partner, especially in giving support & insight when needed but also in allowing our leadership team to maintain the culture we have of empowerment to our people, which is a key reason for our growth. We are servant leaders at both Kompass Kapital and Dynamic Logistix, and it truly has helped our success unfold.